How To Create the Best Inbound Call Flow and Auto Attendant for your Phone System

Phone calls to your business represent revenue.   Significant revenue is spent causing the phone to ring and revenue is lost when the phone is not answered.

How to best leverage the investment into your phone system?   Answer your phone – Aways – On the first ring – By a live person.


Calls should always ring phones at the office and not just the reception phone.  In a small and medium sized business, all phones should ring in the office if revenue, customer service and sales are important.  Individual phones can be place on DND if the person is busy.  Every time a new customer calls and that call goes unanswered and goes to voicemail, you've lost a customer.  That caller will google your product and phone and buy from someone else.

A best practice inbound call flow for a small and medium business is to ring all phones 4-6 times and then go to the auto attendant.   The greeting should use the format:

Thank you for calling HELIA.  If you know the extension of the person you're calling, please dial it now.  Otherwise for Sales, please press 1,  for service press 2, for 

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How to Create the Best Auto Attendant for your Phone System?  K.I.S.S.

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