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Hotel Phone Systems for the Budget Conscious

Hotel phone system have long been dominated by Mitel phone system.   Mitel pioneered integration with the management software in Hotels to bill long distance and other charges from a room onto the guests bill.  Mitel is still largely the go-to name for hotel properties.

Much has changed in the last 30 years in the hotel business including the phone usage within hotels.   With the advent of mobile phones the usage of the room phone has decreased drastically.  No longer is expensive for a guest to call home from cell phone and the guest preference is to use their personal phone rather then the one at the property.  The purpose of phones in rooms has also changed.

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Hotel Phone System for Western Canada
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Why Hotel Room Phones are Important.

Hotel room phones are very relevent in properties.  As times have changed, so have their uses.  Here are a number of reason we have found room phones to continue to be essential

  1. The room phone becomes easy access to an stable high speed internet connection in the room.   The advent of IP phones allows more services to be delivered to the guest using the room phone.  This includes auxilary handsets that are wireless in other parts of the room.  These handsets also include special ports for laptops and other guest electronics to access highspeed and reliable internet.  The internet jack is clearly labeled on the side of the phone to make it easy for the guest to plug in, without a call to the front desk or search for a wifi password.  Learn more about hotel phones from our website at: 
  2. The room phone doubles as the USB charging station for the guests electronics.  As with the advent of cell phones, charging the pethora of devices guests bring along is also important.  The room phone is always placed in a central and prevalent place and easily accessable for the guest.  It is also far more accessable then searching for plugins or other jacks in the room.  New generation hotel phones come with fast charge USB ports built into to make the guests stay easier and more comfortable.
  3. Local calls can be made with guest privacy and anominity not provided by their cell phone.  One of the draw backs of the personal cell phone is the caller id and other identifyable information that follows the call.  From time to time, guests may want to place calls with out need to concern whether their personal information from their cell phone follows their call.  Calls from the room phone provide this anominity for guests.
  4. Easy access to concierge and other services provided by the property.  The cell phone has changed the way we make calls. No longer do we require to memorize numbers or keep a rolodex as its all stored within our smart phone.   Guest services contact information is not kept in the guests smart phone.  Speed dial buttons for room service, concierge, and other services make easy and convenient access for guest to reach these services while staying at the property.
  5. Wake up alarms.  Alarms remain a priority for guests.  While this feature has been transitioned to the smart phone, smart phones do fail whether it be due to discharged batteries or time zone concerns.  A reliable backup provided by the properties room phone is a welcomed feature. 
  6. Distribute alerts during lock-down or other emergency situations.  Our changing culture has required property management to become more responsive to situations that may put guests at risk.  The room phone is a primary tool to alert guest in individual rooms, sets of rooms or in the entire property of emergency situations and provide live saving information.
  7. Simple accounting mechanism for staff to record minibar and make room status available.  The room phone is a reliable appliance that is connected to the property infrastructure.  When a room is cleaning,  room staff can quickly pick up the handset and record mini bar inventory and completion of cleaning of the room as its prepared for the next guest.  This is a value added service that has no incremental technology cost but can easily provide operational value at a lower cost for the property.  
  8. Maintain or improve the star rating of the property.   The room phone has always been a component of service included in the international star rating system.

Cost of Hotel Phone Systems.

Hotel phone system are based on number of rooms in the property.  Cost effective solutions are available.  We recommend the Yeastar Phone System – Hotel Edition for most properties.  Find more information about the cost of these systems here:  We also provide the 3CX Phone System which has advanced integration and other features for properties including providing call center type features for very busy, high volume receptions and concierge.  Learn more about 3CX Phone System for hotel properties at our dedicate page at:

Integration of Hotel Phone Systems with the Property Management System (PMS)

Integration with the property's management system is common on some proproperties.  It can provide value to reduce errors billing long distance, and personalize the telephone services for the room with the guests information, making it easier for staff to properly greet the guest and provide personalized information.  If the PMS system is compatible with Mitel integration then other phone systems will provide integration as Mitel compatible.  To find out if your PMS is already integrated into the Yeastar phone sytem with the optional CHAR module, check out our integration list at:

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