Easy ways to Help HELIA

We are part of a number of community groups in Calgary and area.  Our friends and group members ask how they can help us.  We really appreciate our friends and group members and their help.

Here are some simple ways:

  1. Google Review.  Please leave us a review on Google – Even if its your experience with us in the group and our interactions: http://bit.ly/ReviewHelia
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://YouTube.com/HeliaCanada
  3. Follow us on Google Plus http://plus.google.com/+HeliaCanada
  4. Mention HELIA when you know a company that is moving, adding employees, or just has a broken phone system. (dar@helia.ca, (403) 668-7895

Thank you in advance for your help and support.  They may be little things but that have big results and we appreciate the time you take to do them.

Thank you.

☎ Darvin Zuch
Delivering More Than A Dialtone
Dar Zuch | Calgary | dar@helia.ca | (403) 668-7895 x200

I want your phone system business.
If your office is:
1) Moving to new space
2) Adding new people and new desks
3) Merging with another business
Or if your current phone system is just broken – I can help.

When you start looking at your phone options we’re ready to help out.


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