What I Hate About Voicemail?

What I Hate About Voicemail?

See, in this smarter world of smartphones, available-everywhere Internet, messengers and countless other ways of communication, why on earth does anyone want to send a voicemail to me? You can text me, WhatsApp me, call me, inbox me on Facebook, Twitter me but why voicemail? It takes one ages to retrieve messages received through voicemail. So, why waste my time and yours? Do you really think I am very anti-voicemail for no reason? Read on to know some really valid ones.

All right you tell me – do you really hear all those voicemails on the go? I don’t think so because I don’t. In my case, most of them go unheard due to the time-consuming recovery process. Moreover, ‘Hi, just checking on you’ kind of messages on voicemail are not even worth hearing. They simply waste your time and next time you just don’t want to open any voicemail message from the very person. Text me ‘hi, how are you?’ and I will be more than happy to reply a quick ‘M fine dear. How about you?’ Now, sometimes they complain that I don’t go through their voicemail messages on time. Tell me, how do I know if it is urgent or you are just ‘checking on me’? If the matter was so urgent, you would have wasted half your time and texted me ‘urgent! Call me.’ Or you can just call me a couple of times (in case I don’t pick the first call) to let me know that something is crucial and you need to speak to me NOW. Simple.

I might even assume that you are too slothful to pick up your phone and just dial my number. If this is that how much you love me then I am not going through your messages, really. Let’s say, for instance, I have put a lock on it (for privacy reasons, of course) and have forgotten the lock code. How do you expect me to remember it along with so many other passwords? I think we are a generation of voicemail-haters who find the task too cumbersome. Cut it off if you can substitute voicemail with a miss call or text message- I would know that I have to call you back. Yes, if you call me on my landline and it goes unanswered then you can send me a voicemail on the same landline otherwise I hope you got the message loud and clear.

— Jennifer @Helia —


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