Getting More For Less with Two Way Radios

Getting More For Less With Two-Way Radios (aka Walkie Talkies)

Using IP Radios

You may think two way radios belong in the era of Smokie and the Bandit and big belt buckles. Two-way radios (also known as Land mobile radios, LMR, or CB Radios) have largely been displaced by cell phones. Those of us that continue to use them know they're irreplaceable for operations work involving teams.

Two-way radios give the water cooler experience for those who roam as part of their work day. The casual conversations and chatter that happens around water coolers is the informal news network missing from the work lives of operations people, bus drivers and others on the run. This chatter is essential in keeping people informed and engaged and things running smoothly. (What is IP Radio Video)

IP-Radios, Not Your Fathers CB Radio

A lot has changed to improve two way radios in the last 20 years:

  • Geographic limitations have now been done away with. In the past, radio were limited by broadcast range and radio towers.
  • Now unlimited channels. Previously, channels, (aka frequencies) were licensed from the CRTC. Now with digital channels, they're unlimited
  • No Eavesdroppers. Public channels no more. Your channels are encrypted so only authorized parties can listen and participate
  • Person to Person available. More than just group chatter, the new generation of radios allows for private person to person talk.
  • Who's Listening list. It used to be that channels were open. Channels are now secure but you can also see who is connected and listening
  • Mapping enabled. Most devices now include GPS capabilities. IP-radio allows you to see the location of everyone on your channel. Need a quick pick-up. Check to see if someone is in the area


IP-radios can either supplement or replace your existing radio network, enabling you to extend your radios to new users and departments. IP-Radios run encrypted on the global IP network. This means you can leverage your national corporate and wifi or the national 3G or 4G cellular networks. In addition to traditional LMR handheld radios, Any smartphone from Apple, Blackberry, Android or Windows can become part of your network with just the installation of the Wave radio software. If you have a call center, include your dispatch. Phone calls can easily be added and removed from a channel. Its licensed on either a monthly subscription or can be installed in your corporate data center.

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