Employee Voicemail Greeting – What, When, and Why

Employee Voicemail Greeting – What, When, and Why

What is an employee voicemail greeting?

The employee voicemail greeting serves as a default accommodation in the case you cannot take a call. There are instances when you may be too busy and you can only rely on your voicemail to stay connected to your caller who may be a colleague, a potential customer, a client, or your boss. The voicemail greeting is a recorded version of you taking the call and explaining that you couldn’t reply as of the moment because you are temporarily preoccupied by other matters of equal importance.

In the business industry  where it is very important to always keep in touch and never stay behind with the updates, you must still be able to exchange communications whether you are able to take the call or not . This is the very reason why answering machines where you can leave voicemail greetings have become indispensable.

You must have a variety of voicemail greeting at certain intervals. Do away with the monotonous greeting that goes on for a month or two. A default greeting might be interpreted by the caller as a  lack of interest on your part or it may leave an impression that you rarely check your inbox for messages.  

When to change your employee voicemail greeting?

Customize your greeting according to the occasion or seasons. Change your voicemail greeting at least once every 2 weeks. It is almost impossible to have a single voicemail greeting for the entire month because you always have different reasons for not being able to take the call which you have to indicate in the voicemail greeting.

It is also necessary that the caller actually gets something from your voicemail greeting and not an empty promise of correspondence or a hollow greeting that is more like a splash of gibberish. You don’t have to give a litany of reasons or assurance but it would really be helpful to have a complete and detailed voicemail greeting.

Never forget to include the basics, such as the greeting and the things which would identify you and your office or department. This would include the initial pleasant greeting, your name and position in the company.

An assurance that you will get back to the caller as soon as possible should also not be left out. If you can, indicate a determinable time such as ‘in 4 hours’ or ‘after 6pm’ instead of the vague statements like ‘in a few hours’ or ‘when my meeting is over’. This is applicable especially if you have a very urgent call. Although you have no means to ascertain how many of your calls you have to immediately respond to , it is better to be on the safe side and just indicate with particularity when you can receive and respond to the calls and messages.

The practicality of an employee voicemail greeting is apparent and it is just right to use it to your utmost advantage.


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