Election Campaign Phones – What You Need to Know.

Thank you for stepping up and choosing to take action to make our cities, provinces, and country a better place to live.  At HELIA, we do appreciate huge effort you're about to embark on.

HELIA has been providing commercial grade phone systems for over 10 years and we want to serve your campaign.   We provide phone lines, phones, and other required infrastructure so that your campaign staff can call your constituents and your constituents can call you.  

When are getting your campaign office ready, call us.   We'll assign you a phone number that you can use on your campaign material.  We'll also order the phone lines and schedule that date to install phones and get you set up.


Phones are available in multiples of 4 and cover the full five months of the campaign.  Our all-in price including phones, setup, tear-down, dedicated support and phone lines is $75 per phone per month.

Getting Started

Call us or send us an email for a quick chat.  We'll get the campaign details, how many phones you need and schedule a start date.  We'll take care of the phone details so you can focus on winning your campaign.

Darvin Zuch – HELIA

(403) 668-7895  dar@helia.ca

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