Deploying the TALKAPHONE 500 Emergency Phone with the Yeastar S-Series Phone System and Keep the Public Areas Safe

The TALKAPHONE 500 is a reliable and common door phone used in common areas in parkades, transit stops and other public spaces.  It allows a patron to access security in a building and call for help.  What sets the TALKAPHONE apart from other phones is the status lights that allow the patron to clearly see that the call has been made and answered and that help has been dispatched and will be there soon.

Pairing with the Yeastar S-Series phone system provides a reliable cost effective solution to provide reporting and call recording for the solution.   The advanced call routing of the Yeastar S-Series phone system allows a full emergency call center to be integrated to handle the call demands of an entire transit system, campus or a very large building.  

The Yeastar S-Series is an enterprise solutions providing Hot-spare fail over capabilities and large storage capacity for archiving and audit requirments.  Its easy to use web based interface allows advanced reports and searching of call history from its interface.  Security restrictions allow the system to be locked down and satisfy project requirements.


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