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Configuring your PFSense Firewall to Limit Web and Email to Un-Trusted Devices

PFSense Authorized Partner LogoFor schools or businesses that allow access only to internal resources and web pages, blocking the internet is important.  

In this video, I show you a simple way to block internet and web from unknown devices while still giving access to computers and devices you trust.  We will be covering the following points

  • – Add a Firewall Alias for 3CX Phone System
  • – Add a firewall alias for trusted computers
  • – Allow outbound traffic for 3CX and trusted computers
  • – Block all other devices for standard web browsing and email traffic

To find out more about the PFSense SG2440, visit:

Firewall Ports to block for web browsing and email.  These ports are all TCP.

  • 80 – HTTP Standard Internet
  • 443 – HTTPS Encrypted Internet
  • 25 – Outbound Email
  • 2525 – Outbound Email Alternate
  • 465 – Outbound Email Encrypted
  • 587 – Outbound Email Encrypted Alternate
  • 110 – Inbound Email POP3
  • 995 – Inbound Email POP3 Encrypted
  • 143  – Inbound Email IMAP
  • 993 – Inbound Email IMAP Encrypted.

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