Configuring a Telus LTE Hub (Huawei) for use with VoIP

Here are some setting you’ll want to change on your Telus LTE Hub if your going to use it with VoIP. This also presumes that your using a commercial grade router/firewall to protect your network from the internet. The LTE Hub does not have a sufficient firewall. I recommend either PFSense or a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter. Find out more at our web store at

Turn off SIP ALG Settings: SIP ALG will mangle VoIP traffic. You must turn it off. Its on by default


The PFSense firewall should have a static ip address or static DHCP.  The telus hub is in the range of and at the moment the pfsense wan is   We want to make sure the .102 does not change. You can do this by setting it as static on the PfSense / EdgeRouter / other router. I didn’t see an option to mark it as static within the Telus Hub


The DMZ should be set to the IP address of PFSense.  In this case (as above) pfsense is  We want to make sure this doesn’t change. This forces all non-initiated inbound traffic to the PFSense / EdgeRouter


Cone NAT is better for VoIP, Should be left as is.


Static IPs are better for VoIP and they can be requested with a special request from Telus on a LTE Hub. If you need support configuring your VoIP or Telus Hub, reach out to us and we can connect remotely and get you resolved

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