Cisco 7900 Series Phone – Prevalent and Expensive to Operate

Cisco 7900 Series Phone – Prevalent and Expensive to Operate

Nowadays, the need for efficient and convenient communication networks systems has become more apparent. One of the reasons for this is the complexity of organizational structures and the demands to accomplish more tasks in a matter of hours. To ease the burden of making several calls to several phone lines in the office, the VOIP Phones or IP Phones are being widely used.  It is a technology which places and transmits phone calls over an IP network, which in most cases is the internet.

In Canada, CISCO phones are quite popular. But if you are looking for a more affordable phone system, this might not be the phone for you. If the prices are to be compared, the CISCO 7900 Series Phone system which ranges from $500 and up is at most 50% more expensive than other brands of the similar import. In fact, there are other phone systems with screens that are cheaper but work just as fine.

The 7900 series is quite flashy but the SIP feature does not work flawlessly. The  SIP or Session Initiation Protocol functions as a signaling communications protocol, which is commonly used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. There are instances when there are lagsin the images or the interface so that one will be forced to upgrade and incur more expenses.

Also, the configuration is quite complicated. Apparently, the 7900 series phone requires the Cisco call manager for configuration purposes. For people who are not tech savvy, the setup is a challenge. In businesses where time is of the essence, every second counts and must be spent being productive. It is always best to have IP Phones which are so easy to configure that even an individual of basic knowledge when it comes to technology will be able to accomplish it. Also, seeking technical assistance would halt the spontaneity of the work that needs to be done, specifically the communications that need to be carried out. The fact that an IP Phone supposedly used for business convenience and efficiency is not living up to such purpose means that more money is spent and lost by the enterprise. The disadvantage of worthless expenditures in the business far outweighs the benefits.

The difficulty in terms of navigation and functionality also means that one would have to seek technical assistance. Sometimes it causes more to seek technical assistance in resetting the password, resetting the device to factory or default settings, installing upgrades, and installing hardware or software. It is quite difficult to imagine that the huge amount of money you spent in purchasing the product is recompensed by the performance of the phone.

There is no question as to the popularity and prevalence of Cisco 7900 Series Phone. However, it is also concededly more expensive than other products in the market. Furthermore, operating such a phone also tends to be costly because of difficulties in using and configuring the same.

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