Cell Phone Dead Again?

Cell Phone Dead Again?

It’s the bane of the smart phone generation. On the days we’re busiest and away from our laptop, our smart phones run out of juice.

Solution? Portable Power Packs from PowerRocks.

Portable power for your android or iphone

The Stone 2 is 5200mAh which means it will fully charge your iPhone 3+ times. This is a super fast 2A charge too. Regular charging is half that. Works with any smart phone like Android or Blackberry.

Have a tablet?
portable power for your tablet or iPadThe Black Magic Cube is 12000mAh which means it will fully charge your iphone around 8 times at the super fast 2A. This one supports your tablet as well, whether Android, Blackberry or iPad. $89.99

What about bad reception? Get an in-car signal booster.

mobile phone signal booster

This is a in-car signal booster that will boost a weak signal to a strong signal and supports LTE

Email us to order at sales@helia.ca

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