This Business Cordless Phone Has a 3000 Acre Coverage

This Business Cordless Phone Has a 3000 Acre Coverage

Long Range Cordless Phone

That’s 250,000 sqft or enough coverage for a 12 story building.   Do you find your current cordless phone running out of range and dropping calls?  The Durafon 1X Single Line System is a must have for industrial businesses especially for those which are still in the process of expanding the business. The system is manufactured by Engenius technology to cater specifically to the need for mobility in business with large floor space whether they be warehousing, hotels, or rural business.  It’s definitely one of the largest coverage area available with a cordless handset can offer.

Does it work with your current phones?  No matter how complex or simple your current phone system,  this phone will work with your current phones.  Thats because this phone uses the lowest common denominator standards so it will work with plain Telus lines or phone systems from Nortel, Avaya, Mitel and others.   At Helia, we deploy them with SIP or VoIP system.

It is also an upgradable and scalable system. You can adjust the number of handsets according to your needs and the demands of your industrial enterprise. If you purchase the system, you get for yourself one DuraFon 1X receiver/base and one DuraFon 1X handset. Should you need additional units for your business, you may purchase up to 9 DuraFon 1X handsets for one receiver. Furthermore, you can even purchase as many receivers as you increase the number of handsets.


Engenius also has available walkie talkie (PTT) handsets that work together with this cordless phone.  They can be used together to do away with a receptionist saving your business costs. Calls are easily redirected to the proper recipient, tasks are easily accomplished, and customers, efficiently accommodated.

The DuraFon 1X Single Line System is also designed ruggedly for all industrial needs. Since most industrial work involves outdoor and field operations with heavy working environment, the rugged design is appropriate.  There’s no need to worry about using it for a long time outdoors because each handset has up to 6 hours talk time and up to 50 hours stand-by time when fully charged.  The simultaneous alerts and broadcasts features are also useful in industrial operations especially in times of emergency where immediate response is necessary. Staying connected with several people at one time is an advantage in this field.

When you absolutely need to stay connected and cell phones are not a good choice, the Durafon is the solution you need.


At HeliaVoice we can complete a site survey and ensure optimal placement of antennas for full coverage of your business and area.  We Integrate Durafon handsets into you business and make sure they work.

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