How to Bridge 3CX Phone System with CudaTel, FusionPBX or FreeSWITCH

Bridging 3CX phone system with CudaTel, FusionPBX or FreeSWITCH allows you to share and transfer calls between the two system.  The first step is to register a trunk between them.  Once the trunk is established, its only a matter of routing rules to send the calls between the systems.

In 3CX, you'll want to create a "MASTER" Bridge.  This means that FreeSWITCH will be connecting to 3CX.

There are a couple important fields that you want to gather from 3CX.

  1. The IP address of 3CX.  Preferably the static local address, presuming that both PBX are on the same network.
  2. The "Virtual Extension Number" for the 3CX bridge.  This become the username for the account and is entered into FreeSWITCH
  3. The Authentication Password.  Enter this into FreeSWITCH as the account password 

Within FreeSWITCH, create a new Gateway.  This gateway should be of the same type used for external SIP trunks and not for extensions.  In FusionPBX this gateway is called "External"

  1. Use the "Virtual Extension Number" from 3CX and use it for all of:  "Username", "From User", and "Auth Username"
  2. Specify the "Proxy" as the IP address of 3CX
  3. The Password is the "Authentication Password" from 3CX.
  4. Also ensure "Extension In Contact" is set to "True"

After submitting the values, you will be able to register a trunk between them.   Now all thats required is setting the appropriate inbound and outbound rules to route calls over this trunk.

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