Answering Your Phone in a Business Environment

Answering Your Phone in a Business Environment

How to Answer Business Calls Properly

A business call is different from a typical phone call as it requires a more solemn and formal manner of answering. What if you need to answer a business call in the train station with the buzzing and rush hour crowd? Needless to say, there has to be as little distraction while engaged in a business conversation because important points are most likely to be discussed. However, there are factors which cannot be controlled such as the noise of people around or the exact location where you might be at time of the phone call. The challenge of answering business calls properly is apparent.

Among the points you have to remember are the following:

1. Choose your words and modulate your tone.

Choose your words and sound as calm and ‘in control’ as possible.

Choosing the more formal language over the casual ones applies also to business calls.  Their use connotes seriousness, sincerity, and professionalism.  For instance, In a preliminary phone interview for a job application, sound as professional as possible. Instead of the usual ‘hey, what’s up’ opt for “Hello, This is Dar speaking how may I help you?” This holds true for the subsequent exchange of statements. The contractions such as ‘wanna’ and ‘shoulda’ should also be avoided.

Keeping your tone controlled is also helpful in business calls. That is why it is important to be as calm as possible and avoid the shrill tone which is easily annoying to anyone’s senses. Your voice practically manifests your intention and level of interest in the conversation. Unlike in a face to face discussion, your body language and eye contact in a 7516 Macleod Trail

In a phone conversation, your voice means everything. It has to convey, gladness, disappointment, frustration, or interest.

2. Find a Conducive Area for Taking the Call

When stuck in an area not conducive for answering business calls such as the train station or fast food restaurant, inform the person you are talking to that it may be difficult to hear and, if possible, suggest that he/she call you again in 5 minutes or less as you look for a more suitable place to take the call. If telling the other person to hang up and call again is too much to ask, then just inform him anyway of the fact that you are somewhere where it is difficult to hear so that he may understand and at least take that fact into consideration and not expect too much from the call.

The latter solution is preferable for answering business calls with a senior business partner or colleague.


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