A Customer Favourite Office Cordless Phone | Snom M325

The Snom M325 Cordless Phone Bundle includes the Snom M25 handset and the Snom M300 base.  This is a great cordless phone with very long talk time and standby time making it reliable for business use.  The Snom M25 has a stand by time of 75 hours and 7 hours of talk time.

This cordless phone has a 3.5mm headset jack which is same jack you find on your iPhone or android phone.  That means that the wired headset used with your cordless phone can also be used with this phone.  If you choose not to use the wired headset, the Snom M25 also has a built in Speakerphone.

I was pleasantly surprised speaking to customers with this phone.  We left a demo unit with customers that had used other commercial cordless phones.  They LUV'd the Snom 325.  "Its so much clearer", "I like the ring tones"  This phone makes employees happy.

This cordless phone solution is unique in that it allows up to 20 phones to be paired to the base.  Out of these 20 phones, only 5 concurrent calls are supported.

For more information on the Snom M325 Cordless Phone Bundle, visit our product page at: https://www.buyphonesonline.ca/products/snom-m325-cordless-handset-and-base-kit

For more information on 3CX phone system,  visit our dedicated 3CX Phone System site at: http://www.Office-Phone-Systems.ca

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