5-Phone FreePBX Phone System – Kijiji Special

5-phone-phone-system-packageThis is a 5-phone phone system.  The phones all all brand new with full
warranty.  The phone system has all the features you'd expect from new
phone system including forward to cell phone, auto attendant, find-me,
remote phones and more.  This system can handle over 30 phones.

The Vtech VSP725 is a commercial grade desk phone with lots of buttons
that can be used for lines, different companies, easy transfer, speed
dial and more.   Commercial cordless phones are also available.

The phone system is FreePBX and the phone system hardware is refurbished
with a 30 day warranty.

We include two phone lines with this phone system free for 30 days.  
Additional phone lines can be added as required.

This is a do-it-yourself project and recommend for those who are
technically comfortable.  If you would like us to fully configure and
install the phone system, we recommend our 3CX phone system package which
is very similar but includes the commercial 3CX phone system.

Additional phones can be purchased from:
Cordless Phones
Power User Phone

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