Why 3CX Phone System is the Best for Financial Trading Desk Teams

We received a request today from a user outside of North America asking why 3CX is the best for Financial Trading Desks.  In summary:

1) Clear high quality sound
2) Allows call recording with easy and security playback
3) Best pricing available from a commercial solution.

Here is what he had to say….

I run a small office of less than 10 people – it's somewhat of a financial "wallstreet type" trading desk. Team mates are required to (during market hours), be on some open call in real time sometime for about 6hrs + everyday.
Reason is because we analyze markets together in as a group and everybody is sharing ideas in realtime as they see it on their 8 screen monitors across the room. We are all in one open plan office room – so we do this rather than have a noisy room where everyone is screaming over each other and also because we like to have records of discussion that happened intraday.

We were using the likes of Skype, Mumble etc – but there are huge latency issues we face – it's just messy. We considered trying on of these peer to peer type LAN voice chatting softwares, but most of them where free (we don't like "free" especially because of the sensitivity of what we do) and there is really not many options that was interesting to us.

We however got introduced to 3CX and have contacted the local representative in my region.
Now I like 3cx because we can use both Soft & Hard phone, we can obviously record and archive calls as long as we have the storage for it (this is VERY important and awesome), we can use this solution both on & off site., we can invite 3rd party etc. – 

My only concerns with 3CX is; 

1. Is this really the best solution for what I described above?
2. Is the issue of latency going to be solved, so we have a crisp & clear calls without the annoying echoes/lags
3. Is the price point worth it for a solution like this? (The local rep is recommending the 3cx Pro license for 8SC)

Ultimately what we want to achieve is a situation we can have our 6+hrs of phone conversation – that is clear, clean, zero latency/lag, recorded, which we an play back anytime for our in-house reference).

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