10 Things to Include in Your Email Signature

10 Things to Include in Your Email Signature

Some people find it unnecessary to include an email signature. But when it comes to business, Email Signature is just as important as the content of the actual email.

Here are 10 things to include in your email signature depending on your personal data.

1. Complete name

This is a basic requirement for every email signature. Although your name would most likely appear in the sender’s information in email sites, it is still important to indicate it in the email signature as it is a formal identification and confirmation of who you are as a sender.

2. Educational Attainment

The educational attainment is the highest degree you have earned which can be readily attached to the end of your full name. They are just acronyms such as Ph.D, MS, or RN. This seeks to establish your credibility and professionalism.

3. Phone number (Personal)

You want to provide your recipient with as much contact information as you can, especially if you are expecting a reply in some other form such as a call. It is preferable to include your personal phone number if you are dealing with people on a more casual or personal manner and if you are willing to receive correspondence from that person at any time of the day.

4. Office number (Business)

For official business transactions, you can indicate your office number. This is important if the communication is of a strictly business nature. As such , you must also indicate alongside the number itself the fact that it is an office number so that the recipient is made aware that should  he or she wish to make a call he or she should do so during designated office hours.

5. Fax number

Your fax number is as important as the abovementioned numbers. Most correspondence nowadays is done through fax, especially if it involves the sending and receiving of documents and important signatures.

6. Affiliation

Your affiliation is your membership in highly esteemed groups or organizations. You should indicate the name of the organization and the fact of your membership in such.

7. Company

If you mean business, you need to always include the name of the company that you are working with. This is to let your contact know where you are connected to.

8. Personal Website  

If you have a personal website where a more detailed background of yourself and of your undertakings is laid down, you should include it in your email signature. This is applicable especially if you are a consultant or a sales agent dealing personally with clients.

9. Address

Depending on the situation, the address may be that of your company or of your home address. You can provide a shorter one, with just the name of your city and country, if mail correspondence is not expected.

10. Position

Your rank, position, or status serves to back up your credibility and integrity and is thus necessary in the email signature.

The email signature is practically an electronic business card . As much as possible, keep in mind these top 10 things to include in your email signature.

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