10 Things to Include In Your Business Voicemail Greeting

10 Things to Include In Your Business Voicemail Greeting

A business voicemail greeting is essential to establish a warm and welcoming atmosphere within the working environment. However, it does not need to be long. Rather, it must be complete and customized to let your caller get the impression that you are interested in keeping in touch.

Here are the 10 things to include in your business voicemail greeting:

  1. Initial Greeting


    • The basic greeting can be any pleasantry which is a custom in the business world. It can be a simple “Good Morning” or the general “Hello” or “Hi”.
  2. Your Name


    • It is important in your business voicemail greeting that you indicate who you are. This is to let the caller know that he has reached the correct office. For example: “Good morning, this is Dar speaking!”
  3. Your Position


    • Your rank, position, or status in the company is another basic identity you have to mention in your business voicemail greeting. The position is relevant because the caller would like to know that he is dealing with the right person regarding his specific business purpose. For example, you can say, “Hello, This is Dar, Business Specialist of Helia Technologies.”
  4. Whether you are available or not


    • By the mere fact that the voicemail is used, it is obvious that you are away and cannot take the call. Nevertheless, you must still indicate such fact as well as your location at the moment. If you cannot disclose the latter, then at least just mention that you are attending to some urgent matters.
  5. Request to leave a message instead


    • You have to tell the caller to leave a message instead so that you can still hear what he or she has to say afterwards. This is the main purpose of the voicemail business greeting, so never forget to indicate that the caller is free to leave a message.
  6. How long before you can return the call


    • The caller would like to know what the soonest time is that you can attend to your phone and accommodate any requests or demands, so you must have an estimated time within which to actually read or hear the message.
  7. Alternative communication or assistance


    • Do not leave out the part where you mention about alternative ways of reaching you, such as your email or through your secretary, who is very willing to extend assistance.
  8. A promise to keep in touch as soon as possible


    • This is another statement that the caller would want to hear. This is an assurance that the call will not remain unheeded.
  9. Appreciation for the call


    • This is to let the caller know that his or her call is very important and that you are more than happy to accommodate whatever request he or she may have.
  10. Final Greeting


    • Your business voicemail greeting is never complete without the final words of farewell. These parting words which you are to give to the caller must be kept short and polite.


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