Yealink IP Phone SIP-T48G – 2014 Phone of the Year

2014 Phone of the Year

Yealink has been awarded the 2013 TMC Labs Innovation Award proving once more that it is a leader in quality and innovativeness. And just recently, it was dubbed as 2014 Phone of the Year in the INTERNET 2014 TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award by the same award giving body.  

It is with great honor and pleasure that the company received such coveted awards and be recognized as one of the best products in the market. By winning the award, Yealink has once again proved that it is a force to be reckoned with in the communications industry.

None other than the TMC Labs Founder and CTO, Tom Keating praised the product and we quote: “In this year’s winners we found a group of truly unique solutions that represent major breakthroughs in communications technology. Yealink has proven themselves as an IP Communications leader and their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone SIP-T46G.”

Yealink is a global leader in the IP communications industry with years of experience in designing and manufacturing IP Phones. The company offers a lot of units and models. Another product awardee is the Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone SIP-T48G that was also awarded product of the year. Living up to its name, this ‘ultra elegant’ phone has a large touch panel which makes maneuvering throughout different screens and applications very easy. This becomes a necessity especially in hectic workplaces where schedules are tight and tasks have to be accomplished every minute. Not to mention the crisp display in their 4.3" 480 x 272-pixel color display with backlight and 16 bit depth color.

In most of their products, the Yealink Optima HD technology is also incorporated to  give the impression that you are sitting virtually face to face with the person you are speaking with on the other end of the line. The feature was really intended for both local and overseas business calls. It keeps up with the fast changing world, just like all products ought to do. A good voice call quality is indeed an investment and Yealink will definitely give value to the money that you spend.

When it comes to convenience, the Yealink products do not disappoint. Their IP Phones can be used alongside accessories which include Bluetooth USB Dongle, as wired and wireless headset. The revolutionary design is a plus factor. The product also offers productivity-enhancing features on top of that. It is the kind of phone every professional and executive must have in the office for fast and reliable communications.

Other Yealink units are Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone SIP-T42 G and IP Phone SIP T28-P.  They are equally user friendly and cost efficient. The 3 way conferencing feature is suitable for all types of business correspondence especially nowadays that most meetings and conversations are done over the phone. With the company’s dedication to quality, there is no doubt that the 2014 Phone of the Year award is well deserved.


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