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Control the theme settings from the Modulus Settings page in the dashboard, access instructions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How to set the post thumbnail?
  • A: In WordPress 3.0, the post thumbnail feature has been renamed to the Featured Image. You can find it in the post edit mode on the right column.
    Note: Please remember that the size of the thumbnail and it’s position you can change in the Theme Settings > Style.
  • Q: How do I get the "Demo Look"?
  • A: You will need to install the RocketLauncher package, which will contain all the sample content, widgets, theme overrides; in a completely installed Modulus website.
  • Q: Why isn’t RokStories working?
  • A: Please check that any 3rd party plugin that you may be running, is not causing a javascript conflict with the MooTools 1.2 library used by the RokStories plugin.
  • Q: I installed the plugins zip archive, but I receive an error upon install?
  • A: You will need to extract the plugins zip archive, and install the each plugin individually.
  • Q: How do I edit the CSS?
  • A: To edit the CSS, you will need to edit using an ftp program or through your hosting control panel.
    Note: The theme’s CSS files are in the CSS folder.
  • Q: How do I get category pages?
  • A: With WordPress 3.0, you can use the new menu manager to create category pages.
  • Q: How do i get something to show on the Frontpage only?
  • A: With the new Gantry system, we provide functionality where you can defined customised page layouts where you can set unique elements for your frontpage; such as widget positions, style, content ON/OFF, and lots more!
  • Q: Why doesn’t the RokBox widget show?
  • A: This is because RokBox is a system plugin, which requires the utilisation of shortcode, or a relation tag in your link code.


The template has an integrated PNG fix for IE6 that allows transparent PNG32 images to show, as intended, in the IE6 browser. All you need to do is add class=”png” to the element such as the change in the following example:-

<img src="images/sample1.png" alt="sample" />

Change to

<img src="images/sample1.png" alt="sample" class="png" />
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Business phone systems can be deployed quickly for those looking to limit capital expense. Hosted phone systems today fill the needs of 90% of organizations with flexibility previously unavailable. It really comes down to a simple truth. Phone calls must be answered. Each and every one of them and before they go to voicemail.

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