Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 4

Reason 4: They’re Broken. They Just Don't Work The Way You Want Them To

There is really much to gain by switching to a new phone system and letting go of the old phone units in the office. When your old phone is broken and won't work anymore, let it not be a cause of so much distress. On the contrary, it must be deemed a sign that you have to replace your old broken phone with a more efficient and highly reliable phone system. Of course, you can always choose to have it repaired but with the burden of spending more money and, not to mention, the delay and the adverse effect to the employees’ productivity by having to work without any phone at the office.

A broken phone is very hard to revive and you don’t want to have to bear the agony of having it fixed only for it to be broken again and again. If you can’t fix your broken phone, surely you can move on to better things  such as a phone system packed with the latest features which is all your business is ever going to need. Continue reading Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 4

Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 3

Reason 3: Ego – New Manager Wants New Phones Because Old Phones Are…. Old

In today’s business world, we can truly say that technology has permeated almost all business establishments. Many offices have upgraded to better and newer systems. A manifestation of such advancement is the fact that many new managers now insist on using phone systems in the office instead of the old and individual desk type.

Old phones can be an eyesore especially when put alongside the sleeker and more impressive models of phone systems. Phone systems come in various models. There are phone systems built with an interface to facilitate simultaneous calls at the same time. They look very modern and give a professional atmosphere to any desk or office. Many new phones now have really fine finishing of either glossy, matte or textured, and some are even scratch or smudge resistant. On the other hand, old phones look too bulky and, not to mention, wires and cables hang from all over the place.

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Why People Buy Phone Systems – Part 2

Reason 2: They’re Doing Significant Hiring and a Lot More People Means a Lot of New Phones





Whenever a company conducts a significant amount of hiring, the number of employees increases and so does the volume of the workload. In this case, it becomes almost mandatory for companies to also upgrade their facilities and systems to expedite the operations in the workplace. One of the enhancements undertaken by many companies is installing a phone system.

A significantly high number of employees would be difficult to manage without a centralized phone system. The department heads and managers, from time to time, would need to correspond with the people under their immediate control for updates on the progress of tasks as well as for distributing assignments. Phone systems have voice message broadcasting capabilities such that a message can be transmitted from one source to many other phone units. With this function, a head or team leader can easily address the members on matters related to work. The workplace becomes a more harmonious place where communication systems are available for managers to keep track of work progress in spite of the huge number of staff or personnel. In a way, phone systems can contribute to the productivity of the employees.

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