Installing a Colony Phone System

We've been providing Hutterite colonies with phone systems for a couple years now and decided it was time to start providing a How-to manual.

Hutterite colonies are different from our normal urban phone system installs in that the colonies themselves do most of the work.  As such they need a deeper understanding of the technology, design and implementation of the system then do most of our other customers.  

There are 8 major components to Colony phone systems which are common to most other larger commercial installs as well:

  1. Internet Connection
  2. SIP base Phone Company
  3. Point to Point wireless network to connect buildings
  4. Internal Building Wiring to connect phones
  5. Internet Security Gateway (aka Firewall or Router)
  6. Church
  7. Phone System Server
  8. Phones

To view our Installation How-To overview visit our website for Installing a Colony Phone System.

Configuring your PFSense Firewall to Limit Web and Email to Un-Trusted Devices

PFSense Authorized Partner LogoFor schools or businesses that allow access only to internal resources and web pages, blocking the internet is important.  

In this video, I show you a simple way to block internet and web from unknown devices while still giving access to computers and devices you trust.  We will be covering the following points

  • – Add a Firewall Alias for 3CX Phone System
  • – Add a firewall alias for trusted computers
  • – Allow outbound traffic for 3CX and trusted computers
  • – Block all other devices for standard web browsing and email traffic

To find out more about the PFSense SG2440, visit:

Firewall Ports to block for web browsing and email.  These ports are all TCP.

  • 80 – HTTP Standard Internet
  • 443 – HTTPS Encrypted Internet
  • 25 – Outbound Email
  • 2525 – Outbound Email Alternate
  • 465 – Outbound Email Encrypted
  • 587 – Outbound Email Encrypted Alternate
  • 110 – Inbound Email POP3
  • 995 – Inbound Email POP3 Encrypted
  • 143  – Inbound Email IMAP
  • 993 – Inbound Email IMAP Encrypted.

Customizing Yealink Phone Templates in 3CX Phone System

Yealink T48g Desk Phone

We've installed a lot of 3CX Phone systems to become a 3CX Platinum partner and the pace is increasing. Something we've found is that the default phone templates with 3CX are good, but always need changes. To be fair, phone templates are a key differentiator with 3CX Phone system and one of the main reasons we deploy 3CX over any other phone system. Have commercial support of major open phone brands and the flexibility to build on them is a major boon of 3CX.

Phone templates mature over time and the modifications are defined by the industry the phones are placed in. My hope is that I can document the best practices of changes to Yealink Phone templates for 3CX phone system


  • Set time format from 24 hours to 12 hours
  • Turn Screen Saver off (For T27p and lower phones)
  • Turn on Call-in-progress indicator
  • Add Intercom Prefix Button
  • Add two park buttons (in offices)
  • Set up five multicast listeners
  • Set up custom wall paper
  • Direct Sip Calling Off to block Ghost calls
  • Page All Multicast Button
  • Turn on mute by default on intercom
  • Extended Name for button labels
  • Disable PC port (For Colony profiles)
  • Backlight on all the time

Template Location

Templates can be found at:

Some Details

Ghost Calls

features.direct_ip_call_enable = 0

Multicast Setup

multicast.listen_address.1.label = Page All
multicast.listen_address.1.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.2.label = Church
multicast.listen_address.2.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.3.label = Bell Dinner
multicast.listen_address.3.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.4.label = Page Houses
multicast.listen_address.4.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.5.label = Page Shops
multicast.listen_address.5.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.6.label = Bell School
multicast.listen_address.6.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.7.label = Bell Church
multicast.listen_address.7.ip_address =

We have created several profiles for different page groups as below.


  • Page All
  • Church
  • Bell Church
  • Bell Dinner
  • Page Houses
  • Page Shops
  • Bell School


  • Page All
  • Bell Dinner
  • Bell Church
  • Page Houses
  • Bell School

Home w Church

  • Page All
  • Church
  • Bell Church
  • Bell Dinner
  • Page Houses
  • Bell School


  • Page All
  • Bell Church
  • Bell Dinner
  • Page Shops


  • Page All
  • Bell Church
  • Church
  • Page Shops
  • Bell School

Snom PA1 Church

  • None

Snom PA1 Outside Speaker

  • Bell Church
  • Bell School
  • Bell Dinner