How To Schedule Internet Browsing Restrictions with DNSThingy

There are time when internet needs to be restricted based on a schedule.  This may be to restrict Facebook after 8pm for your kids or lock down games and netflix during office hours.


In this video I will show you how to place time based restrictions on your internet.

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Adding Custom Phone Templates to your 3CX Phone System

HELIA is a 3CX Platinum Partner
One of the things we like best about 3CX Phone System is the professionally edited and commercially support phone templates..   We've found that there are a lot of items that we still need to change before the templates can be used at our customer locations.  Custom phone templates in 3CX Phone System allow easy deployment of customized phone configurations. 

Here you'll learn how to install custom phone templates into your 3CX Phone System

The Steps are:
1. Download custom profile
2. Add them to the appropriate directory
3. Restart the Services
4. Reboot 3CX
5. Assign them to the phone.

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Broadcasting Church over your Phone System

The HELIA PA1 Remote allows your PA System to connect to your phone system
The HELIA PA1 Remote allows your PA System to connect to your phone system
We've been helping quite a few Hutterite Colonies with phone systems.  We've been asks a number of times about broadcasting chuch over the phone system so that the older people or those who can't make it, can still hear the church service.

This can also be used in urban churches or really any public venue that need to have audio broadcast to the larger building over the phone system.

Here you'll see how to connect and use the HELIA PA1 Remote.

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