3cx Phone System Ver 15 is on the way.

3CX Admin on narrow smartphone screen

3CX Phone System version 15 is on its way and with it some major improvements (not necessarily major new features like previous versions).

When I first installed 3CX version 15, I was impressed by a full redesign of their UI.  Previous version used proprietary Microsoft style design which was difficult to use on tablets and smart phones and awkward on computer browsers.   

The new 3CX ver 15 UI is brand new HTML 5 responsive.  What that means its that it shows different based on the size of your screen making it easy to use on smaller devices like smart phones.   Because we often manage phone systems on the road, management via smart phones and tablets are essential.  Before it was very frustrating.  Now – a piece of cake with large buttons for touch interfaces and  buttons that reformat depending on screen size.

Stay tuned for more information about 3CX Phone System Version 15.  


3cx Admin Screen on wider screen





How To Setup Buttons on Yealink Phones and 3CX Phone System

Yealink T48g Desk PhoneThe buttons on office phones can be very handy as shortcuts.  Buttons are usually set up as BLF (Busy Lamp Field) or extension monitor keys, Speed dials or  Login to Queue buttons.

The buttons can either be programmed from the phone directly or through 3CX.  We'll review how to do it both ways.


If you have an expansion module, the module can only be programmed through 3CX Phone System.

The steps to setup buttons directly on the phone are:

  1. Select the Menu button (under the screen)
  2. Navigate (using the arrow keys) to the "Features" choice and select
  3. Choose choice 4 – DSS keys
  4. Select the button you'd like to setup 
  5. Make changes as appropriate and
  6. Save

To setup buttons through 3CX Phone System, you'll need to: 

  1. Use your web browser on your computer to access the 3CX Management Console.  Your administrator will provide you with a username and password for your phone.
  2. Select your extension and choose "Edit" from the top menu bar
  3. Go to the BLF (Busy Lamp Field) tab along the top
  4. Make changes as appropriate
  5. Click the Ok or Apply button in the Lower Right
  6. Reboot the phone (Phone will reboot twice)

Your buttons are now set.

Visit us online at http://www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca  or our 3CX Phone System website at: http://www.Office-Phone-Systems.ca

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Customizing Yealink Phone Templates in 3CX Phone System

Yealink T48g Desk Phone

We've installed a lot of 3CX Phone systems to become a 3CX Platinum partner and the pace is increasing. Something we've found is that the default phone templates with 3CX are good, but always need changes. To be fair, phone templates are a key differentiator with 3CX Phone system and one of the main reasons we deploy 3CX over any other phone system. Have commercial support of major open phone brands and the flexibility to build on them is a major boon of 3CX.

Phone templates mature over time and the modifications are defined by the industry the phones are placed in. My hope is that I can document the best practices of changes to Yealink Phone templates for 3CX phone system


  • Set time format from 24 hours to 12 hours
  • Turn Screen Saver off (For T27p and lower phones)
  • Turn on Call-in-progress indicator
  • Add Intercom Prefix Button
  • Add two park buttons (in offices)
  • Set up five multicast listeners
  • Set up custom wall paper
  • Direct Sip Calling Off to block Ghost calls
  • Page All Multicast Button
  • Turn on mute by default on intercom
  • Extended Name for button labels
  • Disable PC port (For Colony profiles)
  • Backlight on all the time

Template Location

Templates can be found at:


Some Details

Ghost Calls

features.direct_ip_call_enable = 0

Multicast Setup

multicast.listen_address.1.label = Page All
multicast.listen_address.1.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.2.label = Church
multicast.listen_address.2.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.3.label = Bell Dinner
multicast.listen_address.3.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.4.label = Page Houses
multicast.listen_address.4.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.5.label = Page Shops
multicast.listen_address.5.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.6.label = Bell School
multicast.listen_address.6.ip_address =

multicast.listen_address.7.label = Bell Church
multicast.listen_address.7.ip_address =

We have created several profiles for different page groups as below.


  • Page All
  • Church
  • Bell Church
  • Bell Dinner
  • Page Houses
  • Page Shops
  • Bell School


  • Page All
  • Bell Dinner
  • Bell Church
  • Page Houses
  • Bell School

Home w Church

  • Page All
  • Church
  • Bell Church
  • Bell Dinner
  • Page Houses
  • Bell School


  • Page All
  • Bell Church
  • Bell Dinner
  • Page Shops


  • Page All
  • Bell Church
  • Church
  • Page Shops
  • Bell School

Snom PA1 Church

  • None

Snom PA1 Outside Speaker

  • Bell Church
  • Bell School
  • Bell Dinner