For Sale: Snom SOHO Small Office Phone System Bundle

For Sale:  Snom SOHO Small Office Phone System Bundle

This is a demo VoIP phone system. If you are looking for a brand new system, we have them too.

Features features features

Here are just a few of the many SnomOne SOHO bundle features:


  • Includes 3 Snom 300 telephones at discount
  • Includes 1 Snom 370 reception phone
  • Cordless phone Snom M9 is also available
  • Executive Snom 821 is also available
  • Supports up to 10 extensions
  • Available with optional AC Power Adapters for telephones for non-PoE** installation
  • Complete cell phone integration including ringing office and cell phone
  • Remote worker support – work from home, the road, or while traveling
  • Conferencing – includes ad hoc conferencing and pin code conference support
  • Auto provisioning – configures each phone for you automatically
  • Centralized address book – corporate and personal including web portal
  • Agent groups – ring groups of phones, stage callers into queue, overflow
  • Auto attendant – business hours, after-hours, offer dial 1 for x, dial 2 for y, dial 0 for z…
  • Hunt groups – hunts extensions
  • Alias names
  • ANI assignments
  • Hot desking – work temporarily at another location, have callers find you automatically
  • Voicemail – plus voicemail to email, call notification, missed call notification
  • Pick up, transfer, hold, park, intercom page, ….
  • Completely interoperable with all snom phones and devices
  • Group calls



    • Calls to ACD or hunt group can also be forked to cell phones
    • Call acceptance can be programmed
    • Caller does not hear redirection tones
  • Outbound calling



    • Keeping the caller-ID of the extension
    • Callback to cell phone or to PSTN number without connecting the call
  • Notifications to cell phone



    • PBX calls cell phone when new mailbox message available
    • PBX calls back when an internal extension becomes available

This Phone system uses Digital SIP lines which are different than Shaw or Telus phone lines but have a lower monthly cost. Shaw and Telus lines can be used with an additional adapter

**PoE – Power over Ethernet has become common place. Most manufacturers of IP equipment are discontinuing AC Power adapters in favor of GREENER technologies, such as a PoE network switch. PoE also offers the advantage of one UPS battery backup being able to power all PoE devices, like IP telephones, during a power outage. Please call us if you have questions about PoE.



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All the marketing in the world will not grow your business if you don’t answer your phone. Responding to the traffic caused by your company’s activities is proven to promote growth both in the short and long terms.

Hi my name is Dar Zuch and I’m the COO of Helia Technologies. We help companies with their phones.

Business phone systems can be deployed quickly for those looking to limit capital expense. Hosted phone systems today fill the needs of 90% of organizations with flexibility previously unavailable. It really comes down to a simple truth. Phone calls must be answered. Each and every one of them and before they go to voicemail.

Reviewing how your calls are handled and ensuring that callers are responded to quickly and consistently is the only sure way of growing your business. Come to one of our seminars or simply drop us a line.

When you start looking at your phone options we’re ready to help out.

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