How To Setup a Backup Internet Connection for your Office

How To Setup Your PFSense Firewall for Dual WAN Failover

Internet is essential and sometimes your internet connection goes down.  When this happens, a second – less expensive backup connection should be in place.   You could manually switch cables but often there is more configuration that would need to take place like DNS servers, default mail smtp servers and more.

With a dual wan router that is properly set up, this happens automatically so that when your primary connection goes down, the secondary will take over and then return to the primary connection when its restored.

We recommend PFSense because its industrial grade, relied upon by tech world wide, has broad features and is opensource.  Open source means its secure as all the source code is available to be reviewed for security holes and backdoors.

I'll show you how to configure your PFsense firewall to automatically switch to your secondary WAN internet connection when your primary goes down.

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How To Schedule Internet Browsing Restrictions with DNSThingy

There are time when internet needs to be restricted based on a schedule.  This may be to restrict Facebook after 8pm for your kids or lock down games and netflix during office hours.


In this video I will show you how to place time based restrictions on your internet.

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How To Block Facebook and to Block Porn using DNSThingy

Whether your a school, office, church or conscientious parent, restricting internet access is important and difficult.  Not so if you use DNSThingy.

DNSThingy is a subscription based service that allows you to restrict internet by type of content or actual pages.  It can be placed on a schedule so it shuts down after hours or evenings and can be tailored to individual computers and users.

I will show you how easy it is to restrict internet using DNSThingy and PFSense.

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