Automatic Offsite Backups for your Company

Automatic Offsite Backups for your Company

Keeping your Computer Data Safe

Computer Data Failure

Backups for Canadian organizations have special requirements that preclude many American solutions. When there is a need to restore a backup, data must be available quickly and preferably locally.  When its not needed, your data must be securely protected. Canadian privacy laws are tough and protect Canadian citizens and Canadian organizations. Unfortunately most backup solutions store your data in a foreign country, namely the USA. The American Patriot Act allows a foreign government access to all your data without due cause or without even need to inform of access. The data may be encrypted but all encryption can be broken with time. Ensure your data is encrypted, secure, and protected by Canadian laws. Backup in Canada.

If you are a Lawyer, Real estate agent, or medical professional, your professional organization requires that your data is stored in Canada. All professionals should check with their professional organization to ensure they are compliant.

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