How to Fix the 3CX “The IP has been blacklisted”

For the last couple weeks customers have been getting massive amounts of log emails about blacklisted emails.   Of course these are random computers on the internet fraudulently attempting to gain access to your 3CX Phone System.

The good news is that this is very common practice and that 3CX does a good job of identifying and blocking these villains.  These emails can be disconcerting and those attempts can be blocked before they reach your phone system.

Most of our customers have PFSense firewalls installed.  PFSense is an exceptionally well priced enterprise grade firewall and has the ability to properly handle VoIP traffic as well as very advanced security.   To block these fraudulent attempts to access your phone system, I recommend using PFSense and the PFBlocker package.

Stay tuned for a YouTube video on how to set this up.

PFSense firewalls are available from our online store.   We recommend the SG3100 firewall or the SG1000 for very small sites.  Find PFSense firewalls on our online store at:



Election Campaign Phones – What You Need to Know.

Thank you for stepping up and choosing to take action to make our cities, provinces, and country a better place to live.  At HELIA, we do appreciate huge effort you're about to embark on.

HELIA has been providing commercial grade phone systems for over 10 years and we want to serve your campaign.   We provide phone lines, phones, and other required infrastructure so that your campaign staff can call your constituents and your constituents can call you.  

When are getting your campaign office ready, call us.   We'll assign you a phone number that you can use on your campaign material.  We'll also order the phone lines and schedule that date to install phones and get you set up.


Phones are available in multiples of 4 and cover the full five months of the campaign.  Our all-in price including phones, setup, tear-down, dedicated support and phone lines is $75 per phone per month.

Getting Started

Call us or send us an email for a quick chat.  We'll get the campaign details, how many phones you need and schedule a start date.  We'll take care of the phone details so you can focus on winning your campaign.

Darvin Zuch – HELIA

(403) 668-7895

Has 3CX Stopped Working? Here’s a Quick Fix

If you installed 3cx phone system a year ago using the "Free" edition, you may have found that things have stopped working.

The good news is it's an easy fix.

Version 15 of 3cx introduced a new licensing model where the free edition expires after one year and then require. a license subscription.  The license for the "free" PBX edition after the first year is $123 CAD.

I have a discount coupon for you for 15% off your license.  The coupon code is Renew3cx.

To fix your 3cx phone system, all you need to do is to get your renewal and within 1 business day, your back up and going.

Here is the link you need to apply your 15% coupon and order your renewal.

We'll also send you a coupon for 15% off 3CX compatible phones and equipment and at all phones come pre-configured so you can plug in and dial.

Other problems?  HELIA is a 3cx authorized support partner and can fix your 3cx.  Rates and contact info is found at