Has 3CX Stopped Working? Here’s a Quick Fix

If you installed 3cx phone system a year ago using the "Free" edition, you may have found that things have stopped working.

The good news is it's an easy fix.

Version 15 of 3cx introduced a new licensing model where the free edition expires after one year and then require. a license subscription.  The license for the "free" PBX edition after the first year is $123 CAD.

I have a discount coupon for you for 15% off your license.  The coupon code is Renew3cx.

To fix your 3cx phone system, all you need to do is to get your renewal and within 1 business day, your back up and going.

Here is the link you need to apply your 15% coupon and order your renewal.


We'll also send you a coupon for 15% off 3CX compatible phones and equipment and at BuyPhonesOnline.ca all phones come pre-configured so you can plug in and dial.

Other problems?  HELIA is a 3cx authorized support partner and can fix your 3cx.  Rates and contact info is found at http://www.Office-Phone-Systems.ca/support

Cell Phone Switchboard – The Phone System for Companies with Cell Phones

Works With All Mobile Providers and All Cell Phones.

Phone System for Companies with Cell Phones

What is the Cell Phone Switchboard Phone System?

Cell Phone Switchboard gives you a dedicated phone number that rings one or more of your cell phones and then goes to a company greeting when no one answers. If you have a commercial office, a receptionist phone can be added so your calls can be answered personally.

With Cell Phone Switchboard you get:

  • A dedicated business phone number
  • Ring multiple cell phones when a call comes in
  • If no one answers, it goes to a company greeting "Thank you for calling Dustin Electric, press 1 for Dustin, Press 2 for .."
  • Email is sent via email to your email address
  • When you get a commercial location, you can add a reception phone

Learn More at: http://helia.ca/switchboard/

Changing Rings Before Voicemail with Freedom Mobile

I just switched over to Freedom Mobile after 27 years with Rogers.

I forward my office calls to my cell phone and all too often my cell phone voicemail picks up early.

With Freedom Mobile, they time before your voicemail picks up can be modified up to 30 seconds.   To modifiy the time to voicemail, dial this code on your Freedom Mobile phone.


This will set the time to ring to 30 seconds.  To change it to 20 seconds, change the last two digits from 30 to 20.   A normal time to ring is about 10 seconds or 3 rings.

At one time Rogers allowed this to be modified as well but years ago they discontinued that feature and just started stating that it was not possible.  Its one of the many reasons I switched from Rogers.