Ethernet Surge Protector

How To Use the Ubiquiti ETH-SP Ethernet Surge Protector

Outside Wifi Antennas survive in the energy of the air around it.  With storms, air carries a greater charge that finds its way down conductors like ethernet cables.

Ubiquiti PoE injectors are designed to drain excess energy to a ground but must be used with cat5e connectors that include a special ground casing and cable that includes a special conductor to drain the extra energy.  The Ubiquiti product is called ToughCable.  Be sure to install outside wifi antennas with the proper cable and connectors.

The Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge Protector provides an extra layer of protection and  should be placed after the PoE injector and before switches or routers.  In the case of excess energy traveling through the cable, this device will block the energy and provide an additional drain to earth.   It may be destroyed in the process which is its design.  It is good practice to have extra units in stock.  When it is destroyed it can be quickly replaced.



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