High Impact Marketing on a Low Budget – Airdrie, AB Seminar

High Impact Marketing on a Low Budget – Business Phone Edition

Canadian Imperial Business Network - Seminar

11:45 to 1:30PM only $20

Toad ‘N’ Turtle Airdrie

1900 Market St SE
Airdrie, AB T4A 0K9


CIBN Brings you the “High Impact Marketing on a Low Budget” Seminar Series at locations across Alberta. The Business Phone Edition will be in Airdrie on Monday, May 13.

How can you use your phone to make money for your business?

Technical wizard Dar Zuch will show you how you can set up your phone systems so that you always have the phone answered and your voicemail can be returned within 2 hours!
Including your phone number in the signature of your emails, twitter posts, texts will bring you more business. This is simple marketing that makes a difference.

What about LinkedIn? What about your website? Where does your phone play into that?
People make buying decisions in person and over the phone. Missing a call can
mean missing a new client because they will call your competitor and buy from
them just because they answered their phone.

Dar will discuss simple, inexpensive tools that make handling calls easier. Voicemail to email, Ring Groups, and Professional Auto Attendants can build trust and re-enforce your brand before going to the sales team. Join us May 13th for a telephone revelation!

About The Canadian Imperial Business Network
The Canadian Imperial Business Network is Alberta’s premier business network group. Our mission
To work with the business community to increase value and encourage rewarding business relationships.
We bring business people of all types together into one place we will work to:
a) Encourage the building of trustworthy relationships, b) Help each other to grow their businesses, and
c) Do it in ways that will help us to encourage others. All this while we learn together in a great atmosphere. For more information, reach Kerry George at calgarybiznetwork@gmail.com

About Helia Voice
Helia Voice is a Telus alternative in Alberta and BC. We help businesses get more from their phones by leveraging their phone system current features and helping to integrate the newer technologies like cell phones and email to get more for less. For more information visit our blog at www.businessphonescalgary.ca and our corporate site at www.heliatech.ca/phones

☎ Darvin Zuch
Business Phone Systems and Call Centers
Dar Zuch | Calgary | dar@helia.ca | (403) 668-7895 x200

All the marketing in the world will not grow your business if you don’t answer your phone. Responding to the traffic caused by your company’s activities is proven to promote growth both in the short and long terms.

Hi my name is Dar Zuch and I’m the COO of Helia Technologies. We help companies with their phones.

Business phone systems can be deployed quickly for those looking to limit capital expense. Hosted phone systems today fill the needs of 90% of organizations with flexibility previously unavailable. It really comes down to a simple truth. Phone calls must be answered. Each and every one of them and before they go to voicemail.

Reviewing how your calls are handled and ensuring that callers are responded to quickly and consistently is the only sure way of growing your business. Come to one of our seminars or simply drop us a line.

When you start looking at your phone options we’re ready to help out.

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