Helia High Speed Commercial Grade Wireless Internet

We're again looking a opportunities to provide high speed commercial wireless internet to rural communites on co-op model.   We expect to be able to deliver speed up to 1 Gb/s (1000 Mb/s)   We've identified potentials for initial sites.      On the Co-op model,  pricing will be linked to costs.  There will be a base amount of usage included to support a typical business and then pay-as-you-go for usage over the base amount.  We will be servicing sites throughout Western Canada

If you're interested  in a reliable high speed link to your area please contact us for more information.

☎ Darvin Zuch
Delivering More Than A Dialtone
Dar Zuch | Calgary | dar@helia.ca | (403) 668-7895 x200

I want your phone system business.
If your office is:
1) Moving to new space
2) Adding new people and new desks
3) Merging with another business
Or if your current phone system is just broken – I can help.

When you start looking at your phone options we’re ready to help out.


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