Easy DIY Online Marketing for the Busy Small Business and Entrepreneur

DIY Digital Marketing for Small Business – Lessons learned from a small business owner on getting good content out when you're short on time.  

Here are best practices I've found to supplement your digital marketing quick and easy.  Web professionals can do a lot however your expertise can only be communicated by you.  Here are some great ways to get great content when you're busy and short on time and let your SEO/SEM people do what they're good at.

  1. Get a YouTube Channel

    Get a named channel for your YouTube Account
    A named account requires more than 100 subscribers to become available.

    YouTube channels are easy and free to setup.  If you want a "named" channel like http://www.YouTube.com/HELIACanada , you need to work at it.  Named channels become available when you have over 100 subscribers

  2. Use Camtasia for fast easy and professional looking video post production

    Use Camtasia to edit and produce your YouTube Video
    Camtasia is the best editing tool for producing video quick and easy

    Camtasia is a paid product but the best one we've found for getting great videos done quick and easy.   The key to success is quick.  Avoid perfect.  As you do more, you'll become better at doing video. Focus on volume and being brief.  Video should always be below 5 minutes.  Google tracks how many of your viewers make it to the end of your video before moving on and that's important for ranking.  Learn more at https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html or check our http://www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca store for a discount coupon.

  3. Use Hootsuite to Pre-schedule your Content Months in Advance

    Hootsuite Schedules Posts for Social Media
    Hootsuite is a great tool for making social media easier.

    Social media is a lot of work.  Hootsuite allows you to do weeks or months of posting in a single sit-down session.  Get-er done and let Hootsuite control your consistent posting to LinkedIn, WordPress, Facebook and other social media.

  4. Use the Google News Aggregator to Find Interesting and Important Industry News and Topics

    Google News Aggregator allows personalized news
    Google News Aggregator allows for personalized news

    Our online strategy is branding.  There isn't a lot of people that do phone systems and we want our audience to identify us as their phone system provider when their need arises.  Google News Aggregator allows us to easily keep up on industry and manufacturer news

  5. Use Hootsuite to repost Google News with your comments and Auto-schedule for staggered  future dates

    Hootsuite has a great post plugin for Google Chrome.  As I identify articles that have good content and are interesting, I click the Hootsuite button, add my comments and have Hootsuite auto-schedule the post for a future time when I have no content posting and when readership is high. 

  6. Focus on Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, LinkedIn Recommendations, Yelp Reviews and Other Industry Focused Site Reviews

    Online Reviews on Google
    Google reviews are very important for SEO purposes

    Google Searches are focused on local content these days.  Any search from a smartphone or tablet is highly affected by local ratings and rankings.  Focus on having real people leave real reviews on all the various social media review areas

  7. Create a Dedicated Reviews Page on Your Website and Repost Your Reviews

    Include a Review Page on Your Website
    Reviews inevitably will be the page with the most visits. Visitors will visit the page and so should be included.

    I learned this from a local realtor.  She said that her reviews page on her site was by far the most visited page.   Since we've added our Review page, I've found the same.  The traffic to review page dwarfs all other pages and is similar to the traffic of the home page.

  8. Give Back and Review Your Vendors, Customers, Prospects and Partners on their Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp Pages.

    Leave Online Reviews for Others
    Reviews are a easy and low cost way of connecting with Partners, vendors, customers and prospects in the real world.

    This is about good will.  Take the time to leave reviews for your people in the "real world"  They will see your review and remember you and appreciate you.  No one else does it.  As Jim Morton said "Caring about what others care about is what caring about is all about"

  9. Open a Shopify Store to Allow your Online Efforts to be Merchandised 

    Launch a Shopify Online Store
    Shopify is an easy way to deploy an online store and allows you a place to link content and merchandise your online efforts.

    All of this is a lot of work.  We want to see a return on our efforts.  To that end, we've put up a Shopify site at http://www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca .   It has products that we sell and recommend and gives us something to link to without sending our web traffic to a competitor to buy

  10. Use Google Merchant to Post your Shopify Products on Google

    Google merchant is google's tool for posting product content.  Make sure you maximize your Shopify efforts by automatically reposting on Shopify.

Find more great videos on our YouTube channel.  Please Subscribe.  http://www.YouTube.com/HELIACanada

How To Office Phone Systems in Calgary Alberta

There is a wide range of Phone Systems in Calgary.  Many companies still have Nortel phone systems that were installed 30 years ago and still work well.  Some of these phone systems lack voicemail or even caller ID as these features were not common when the systems were installed.

The most common type of phone system for businesses in Calgary are Hosted phone systems.  These have a lower upfront cost because some of the required equipment is in the Cloud and included in monthly costs instead of the upfront capital costs.   Hosted phone systems range in price from $30 / extension / month to $55 / extension / month.  This means that a 10 phone hosted phone system can run $550 / month.  This would include the monthly phone line calling costs as well as the equipment.

Alternatives to Hosted Phone Systems

The alternative is to use a premise phone system.  These are systems like Nortel where a large phone system is mounted on the wall at your business.  This large box has a large cost as well but the monthly costs are typically much lower as there is no per extension price and only the monthly phone line calling costs.  Premise based phone system give you a lot more control and ability to customize for your special business needs.

Helia Recommends JumboTel.ca for Hosted Phone Systems

There are literally thousands of hosted phone system providers and brands in Canada.  JumboTel.ca represents the best in class phone system at a good price.   We have seen and used a lot of phones systems in the last 10 years and JumboTel.ca is our favorite.  If you have pre-existing VoIP phones from Polycom, Yealink, Snom, Cisco or Aastra, we can reprovision your phones and save you money.

Learn more at:  http://www.JumboTel.ca

Helia Recommends 3CX Phone System for Premise Phone Systems

3CX Phone system is the industry leading and benchmark for phone systems.  Pricing is based on the number of concurrent calls you want the system to handle from 4 to over 1000.   It has tight integration with accounting, enterprise, crm systems as well as Gmail and Microsoft Office365.  3CX is particularly good for mobile user and  organizations that have a lot of low use phones because unlike hosted systems, you pay for total capacity and not per extensions.

Learn more about 3CX Phone System at:  http://www.Office-Phone-Systems.ca


Private Radio Towers For Better WiFi and Cellular Signals

DIY Radio Antenna Towers for Rural and Commercial Buildings

This week we installed a 55-foot radio tower just east of Red Deer at Foothills Camp.   That's about 5 stories tall.

These radio towers are simple enough to install yourself though you do need a couple of strong and capable guys to raise the tower.  After putting up a couple of these, we also recommend having a tractor or some sort of hoist available.  At 55 feet and loaded with antennas, these are not light.

Preparation Work for Tower Installation.

This particular tower design doesn't require concrete.  It comes with a base plate that's designed to be placed on normal earth and installed with spikes. Most of the support comes from the building that is next to the tower.

Set aside two days to get the tower setup, mounted and equipment attached.

If you do decide to use concrete, there is a "Hinged Up Base" available that makes the installation somewhat easier.  The base is buried down 4 feet and covered with earth or in concrete.

The building that the tower mounts to is very important to its stability.  The manufacturer recommends a single 10ft length above the top of the building though we've found with a little more than that, it's still very stable.   If you want or need to go significantly higher, guy wires will be required.   Guy wires attach to the tower and stabilize it in the three directions.

And yes the towers are CSA certified

Radio Towers Improve Reception

Trees, buildings and other solid objects block radio waves and wireless signals. Getting up above buildings and objects will give you a stronger signal and better reception.

The theory is simple. The signal is picked up from the source which will be your ISP for the internet or a cellular tower for cell phones and then re-broadcast much lower to the ground where people and devices are.

Do It Yourself Kits

We sell Radio Tower kits on our web store. Find out more at: https://www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca/towers.

If you'd like us to install a tower and are in Alberta, Canada, Call or email us (403) 698-0700 or support@helia.ca

More Information about Radio Towers

Check out our Helia Technology website for more information on Radio Towers.  Learn more at https://www.it-support-calgary.ca/services/towers-for-radios-and-antennas.html