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Apple’s iBeacon and Retail in Calgary

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Helia has been investigating iBeacon and Apple Passbook for our freind Derrick at Myric Appliances here in Calgary.  iBeacon is a technology for Retail stores that allows your customers to walk into your store and automatically have coupons appear on your iPhone device and to provide automatic product information for them.  Whats great is they don’t have do anything.  All they do is approach a product and magically it pops up on their phone.  Shortly, they will be able to walk up to the till and pay automatically too.  All very safe and secure.

Helia is doing this to become more specialized in the retail and hospitality verticals.  Using our 3CX phone system for retail, customers visting your website can click to call your front desk or order desk.

Myric Appliances is located on Memorial and Barlow.  We’re investigating placing an long range iBeacon a his store so that when customer drive by, Myric coupons and store information automatically pop up on their iPhone and iPads.

Stay tuned for more information for iBeacon, Apple PassBook and retail in Calgary

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