How to Fix the 3CX “The IP has been blacklisted”

For the last couple weeks customers have been getting massive amounts of log emails about blacklisted emails.   Of course these are random computers on the internet fraudulently attempting to gain access to your 3CX Phone System.

The good news is that this is very common practice and that 3CX does a good job of identifying and blocking these villains.  These emails can be disconcerting and those attempts can be blocked before they reach your phone system.

Most of our customers have PFSense firewalls installed.  PFSense is an exceptionally well priced enterprise grade firewall and has the ability to properly handle VoIP traffic as well as very advanced security.   To block these fraudulent attempts to access your phone system, I recommend using PFSense and the PFBlocker package.

Stay tuned for a YouTube video on how to set this up.

PFSense firewalls are available from our online store.   We recommend the SG3100 firewall or the SG1000 for very small sites.  Find PFSense firewalls on our online store at:



Demonstrating the Paxton Access Net2 Video Entry for Building Security

Video Building Security allows employees to enter a building with their FOB by holding it to the door.  Visitors simply dial a unit and have their identity confirmed with a video call before remotely releasing the door.

The Paxton Access Net2 Entry system also controls elevators so floor security can be ensured and only the proper floors related to the authorization are granted.

All access has a audit trail so that entry can be reviewed at a later date.  Entry can be immediated denied by cancelling access to any FOB given to an individual employee or resident.

This integrates with 3CX Phone System or other SIP based phone system to provide the video call or by using video monitors from Paxton.

Learn more at:

5-Phone Commercial 3CX Phone System


This is a 5-phone phone system Kijiji special.  The phones all all brand new with full warranty.  The phone system has all the features you'd expect from new phone system including forward to cell phone, auto attendant, find-me, remote phones and more.  This system can handle over 30 phones.

The Vtech VSP725 is a commercial grade desk phone with lots of buttons
that can be used for lines, different companies, easy transfer, speed
dial and more.   Commercial cordless phones are also available.

The phone system is 3CX free edition and the phone system hardware is
refurbished with a 30 day warranty.

We include two phone lines with this phone system free for 30 days.  
Additional phone lines can be added as required.

This is a do-it-yourself project and easy to do for anyone is technically
competent.  If you would like us to fully configure and install the phone
system, we can do that as well.

Additional phones can be purchased from:

Cordless Phones

Power User Phone