Shaw Internet Down? Get Backup Internet to Keep Things Going

A second internet connection is inexpensive and keeps you going during a Shaw outage.
Internet is just as important as water or power for a business.  When it breaks, you might as well send everyone home.

Backup internet is inexpensive and though it might be slower then your Shaw connection, it will keep your business going even during a Shaw outage.

Today saw national outages with Shaw internet.  This means that Credit card payment terminals don't work, VoIP phones don't work, cloud based tools don't work, email doesn't work and of course, the internet doesn't work.

Backup internet sits in the background.  When the Shaw internet connection has problems,  you're router will automatically switch over and start putting your internet over the secondard backup connection.  It may be slower but everything will continue to work.

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Or phone HELIA at (403) 668-7895

How To View Call Recordings in 3CX Phone System

Changing Call Recording Options in 3CX Phone System
Recording your calls is quick and easy.  It's just a button on your phone that you press however by default you cannot see the recordings you've recorded.

As of version 15, the recording controls are found in the Phone Provisioning screen of the 3CX Web Admin.  

Select "Extensions" from the left menu and then "Edit" your extension.  Select the "Phone Provisioning" tab and then Select the "3CX Client" from the "Your Phones" area.  You will find a section titled "Access" in that section there is a "Show Call Recordings" option.  Make sure this is selected.

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How To Record a Special Company Holiday Greeting On Your 3CX Phone System

How to Record a Special Holiday Greeting for your Phone System

Adding a special holiday greeting for your phone system is quick and easy.  The first step is to create a new written script for your phone system.  We recommend something this is:

"Thank you for calling HELIA.  We wish you all the best during this Easter season.   Our office will be closed for the Easter holiday, re-opening on Tuesday at 9am.  If this is an emergency, please dial 1 to be connected to our on-call technician.  Otherwise we welcome you to email us at or call us when we're back on Tuesday morning.  Thank you for calling HELIA and have a wonderful Easter break.

You can record your own messages or if you want really professional greeting, we highly recommend   With, you choose a professional voice actor and send them your holiday greeting script.   Within 24 hours, they'll send you back a professionally edited recording of your script.  Now you simply upload it to your phone system.

Recording your message is even easier.  Simply log into the web admin of your phone system and choose the Holiday greeting settings.  In 3CX phone system, this is found under "Settings" > "