Save Valuable Cash with Refurbished Laptops, Desktops and Servers

Unbeatable Pricing on Servers, Laptops and Computers.

Refurbished computers are the best use of finate cash for small business.  We've been using them exclusively ourselves since we opened our doors in 2006.  Since then we've developed relationships to access lease-back computers and get the best prices on the best computers for our customers.  To learn more, join our mailing list at

Warranty and Lifespan

We select only the best laptops from the lease-back inventory and make sure the computers are working properly before you get them.  These computers have been fully working in their previous life and we expect them to do so.  In fact in our experience of over 10 years, we get multiple years of trouble free use of them.  All refurbished equipment comes with a 30 day warranty period.

Commercial Grade Equipment

The refurbished equipment we sell is commercial grade equipment and starts significantly more expensive than the consumer grade equipment you find at the local office supply store.  Their components and design are significant better.  We haven't had any issues with laptops overheating as is common with consumer grade equipment.  Design is also much better.  For instance, many of the laptops have keyboard drainage holes on them.  These are designed to handle the accidental class of water that is spilled on the keyboard.  With consumer grade computers, the computer would be ruined but with these laptops, the liquid simply drains out the bottom.

Delivered with Windows 10 Pro

Many of these computers came with Windows 7 or 8 originally.  We deliver them with a full version of Windows 10 Pro so you have the latest business grade version of Windows to get the most out of your new computer for the longest period.

Minimum of an Intel i5 Processor

There are a lot of different CPU processors available including Atom, Core Duo, Centrino, i3.  They faster i5 and i7 processors are designed for business use.  We ensure that the computers we sell all have a minimum of an Intel i5 processor

Recommended Upgrades

There are certain upgrades we recommend to get the most out of our refurbished equipment.   Most of these units originally shipped with 4G of memory but because they have business grade processors and chipsets, they have maximum memory capacity of 16G or more memory.  We recommend upgrading the memory to the maximum available.  This is a low cost, high value upgrade which will make your computer faster for longer.  Solid State Drives (SSD) are also a very good investment.  These substantially increase the performance of your laptop or computer for a low cost.

Monthly Super Saver Specials

We send out a monthly email that includes a laptop, a desktop and a server at an incredibly low price.  We recommend you sign up for our monthly email at


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Special Phone Pricing for Churches and Non-Profits

We've been delivering phones lines and phone systems for over 10 years now and its long overdue to give more back.  Most of the Non-profits we've worked with have very old antiquated phone systems that are desperate need of updates.

If you have older phone lines from Telus, we can get you a new phone system with all the advanced features for the same price or less than what you're paying today.

If you know a church or non-profit that needs a phone system updated, we can help save money and get things working right.

Call Mel Madden at (587) 333-3377 or email for more information.


Configuring Calls to Cell Phones with 3CX and Paxton Net2

When visitors use the entry system to call residents, the cell phone (or home phone) number of the residents will be called and the resident can confirm the visitor and press “1” on their phone to release the door and allow the visitor access to the building.  The appropriate elevator floor will also be made available for the resident.

Adding and Changing Cell Phone Numbers for Residents.

Log into the 3CX Web Portal and select “Extensions” from the left menu

The search box can be used to quickly find a unit number.

Select a unit number and click the “Status” button in the button bar on the “Extensions List” page.

Ensure the “Current Status” is set to “Away”.  This should always be set for extensions that are used for Cell Phone forwarding.   For extensions that are used for Bria, 3CXPhone or other native SIP phones, the “Current Status” should be set to “Available”.  Click the “X” in the upper right corner to save and exit.

Select the extension and click the “Edit” button from the tool button bar

While in the “Edit” screen, Select “Forwarding Rules” from the top tab and in the “Statuses” section  ensure the “If in this status, forward calls as follows” is selected as “Away”.

In “Internal Calls” section, ensure “If I am away forward internal calls to” is set as “Forward to number” and enter the resident’s phone number in the “Eternal number” field.

In the “Options” section, ensure the “Accept calls from Ring Groups” is selected.


Click the “OK” button at the top of the screen to save settings.


Note: 3CX Phone System does have a “Forward to Mobile” feature however the DTMF is blocked by 3CX and so the “Press 1 to open door” will not work.  The “Forward to Number” functionality must be used instead.




About “Ring Groups”

Ring group settings are used to dial multiple phones when the resident’s unit number is dialed.  Ring groups can be found in the left menu in the 3CX web console.


Currently, a ring group is set up for each unit and includes an iPad extension as well as two cell phone extension.  Additional call destinations can be added for any unit by adding them to the associated ring group.

Note: The ring time is set to 60 seconds and to ring all destinations in the list. 

Note:  Once a unit is dialled, a call to cell phones needs to be initiated and the time to dial cell phone incurs a delay.  That delay is dependent on the cell phone carrier.

Note:  There are currently only two lines on the system which limits forwarding destination to two.  Additional lines can be added which will allow additional destinations and concurrent calls.