How To Change Your Headphone and Audio Devices in Microsoft Windows

Sometime sound is coming out of headphones when it should be coming out of your speakers.  How do you control this?  I'll show you how.   

Windows has a volume control applet located next to your clock.  If its not there, try the little arrow next to the clock to show more icons.

Click with your right mouse button and choose "Playback Devices".  Here you can see which device is currently default and select a different default playback device.    You may need to close your application and reopen it for the change to take effect.

How To Connect Telus and Shaw Phone Lines to your VoIP or 3CX Phone System

There are certain times that you may want to use legacy analog phone lines for your phone system.  Even if you have a VoIP phone system this can be done.   Analog phone lines are the old style phone lines that you get from Telus and Shaw – particularily if you have less then 8 phone lines.  (If you have more than 8 lines, you may use the digital PRI phone lines).

Top 5 Benefits of VoIP Phone Lines

  1. They cost less per month
  2. They cost less for long distance
  3. They allow you to have as many phone numbers as you want without adding more lines
  4. They don't require a physical address to issue numbers in different provinces or regions
  5. Service can be modified very quickly – often same day.

Four Reasons to Use Legacy Phone Lines

  1. Your stuck in a contract with your phone company
  2. Very low grade internet
  3. You prefer to have a backup to your VoIP lines
  4. Your current phone system doesn't support VoIP (but HELIA can issue VoIP for old phone systems)

HELIA recommend 3CX Phone System for any company with 8 or phones.  It provide the best value for any company and provides advanced integration with your mobile smart phone and other office systems like Google Apps and Microsoft Office365.

Use this device to connect analog phone lines to your VoIP phone system.  Patton is recommended by 3Cx Phone System.

Learn more about the Patton FXO gateway at:

Learn more about 3CX Phone System at:


How To Setup CRM Integration with 3CX Phone System

Two of your companies most important tools are your phone system and CRM system. I'll show you how to connect your phone system to your CRM.

Your CRM is your customer database and may hold your customers order history. Integrating your CRM to our Phone System is beneficial. 

By integrating you:
 – Shorten the time customers wait for calls to be answered
 – Customer information automatically appears on screens for employees
 – Avoid re-entering customer information
 – Get down to business more quickly and serve more customers

3CX Integrates with the following CRMs:
– Microsoft Outlook
– Microsoft Office 365
– Microsoft Dynamics
– Google Contacts
– Freshdesk
– Nutshell
– MS Exchange
– Insightly
– Exact Online
– Salesforce
– SugarCRM
– Act!
– Zendesk
– Datev
– Vtiger

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