Easy ways to Help HELIA

We are part of a number of community groups in Calgary and area.  Our friends and group members ask how they can help us.  We really appreciate our friends and group members and their help.

Here are some simple ways:

  1. Google Review.  Please leave us a review on Google – Even if its your experience with us in the group and our interactions: http://bit.ly/ReviewHeliaVoice
  2. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://YouTube.com/HeliaCanada
  3. Follow us on Google Plus http://plus.google.com/+HeliaCanada
  4. Mention HELIA when you know a company that is moving, adding employees, or just has a broken phone system. (dar@helia.ca, (403) 668-7895

Thank you in advance for your help and support.  They may be little things but that have big results and we appreciate the time you take to do them.

Thank you.

Yealink just released their 7″ multi-touch Android desk video phone and its incredible.

Do you have a wish list for the ultimate Office Desk Phone?  Yealink delivers with the T58V desk phone.  This phone makes the perfect appliance for IoT applications.  Its powered via Ethernet with the PoE standard, is wall mountable and includes a large multi-touch screen.  That means it can be mounted on a wall next to a door and not require a nearby power plug.

The Andoid OS is a game changer as it allows not only standard phone functionality but also allows 3rd party Android apps to be installed making it the perfect appliance for a work environment.

What makes this a killer app appliance is digital signage.  For internal communications, digital signage can be deployed via the T56V and placed in high visibility common areas for corporate communications.

For emergency and lock down situations, the T58V is the perfect appliance.  Its large color screen can display bright eye catching  emergency messages.  The built in speaker phone can broadcast emergency messages and the handset allows for informal two way communication or just to listen in to a particular area to identify risk and security incidents.  To top it all off, security and emergency personal can keep an eye on the situation with the built in camera support.

Learn more about the Yealink T58V or to get one now at:






How To Change Your Headphone and Audio Devices in Microsoft Windows

Sometime sound is coming out of headphones when it should be coming out of your speakers.  How do you control this?  I'll show you how.   

Windows has a volume control applet located next to your clock.  If its not there, try the little arrow next to the clock to show more icons.

Click with your right mouse button and choose "Playback Devices".  Here you can see which device is currently default and select a different default playback device.    You may need to close your application and reopen it for the change to take effect.