Unboxing the VTech VSP505 Commercial Cordless DECT Headset


The best thing about this headset is that its a quarter of the price of other commercial cordless headsets.  Its also DECT and not Bluetooth.  Whats great about that is the range.  Bluetooth range is up to 15meters where as DECT is 100 meters.


It comes with 3 different sized ear hooks and 6 adapters that fit in your ear.

The noise-canceling microphone – Block out distracting background noise with advanced noise-canceling technology.

The headset has advanced remote functions including mute, flash and volume controls – Easy, one-button mute, flash and volume controls right on the headset enhance hands-free convenience.

The headset will automatically hang-up when cradled in the magnetic charging cradle

This headset is only compatible with VSP725 ErisTerminal and Advanced VSP735 ErisTerminal Deskphones

We think that these two desk phones are by far the best business phones available for retail stores, small businesses and home businesses.  The addition of this VSP505 commercial headset makes the phones incredibly useful for reception and frees up hands for typing or to wander and get a cup of joe.

How To Setup Buttons on Yealink Phones and 3CX Phone System

Yealink T48g Desk PhoneThe buttons on office phones can be very handy as shortcuts.  Buttons are usually set up as BLF (Busy Lamp Field) or extension monitor keys, Speed dials or  Login to Queue buttons.

The buttons can either be programmed from the phone directly or through 3CX.  We'll review how to do it both ways.


If you have an expansion module, the module can only be programmed through 3CX Phone System.

The steps to setup buttons directly on the phone are:

  1. Select the Menu button (under the screen)
  2. Navigate (using the arrow keys) to the "Features" choice and select
  3. Choose choice 4 – DSS keys
  4. Select the button you'd like to setup 
  5. Make changes as appropriate and
  6. Save

To setup buttons through 3CX Phone System, you'll need to: 

  1. Use your web browser on your computer to access the 3CX Management Console.  Your administrator will provide you with a username and password for your phone.
  2. Select your extension and choose "Edit" from the top menu bar
  3. Go to the BLF (Busy Lamp Field) tab along the top
  4. Make changes as appropriate
  5. Click the Ok or Apply button in the Lower Right
  6. Reboot the phone (Phone will reboot twice)

Your buttons are now set.

Visit us online at http://www.BuyPhonesOnline.ca  or our 3CX Phone System website at: http://www.Office-Phone-Systems.ca

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Unboxing the Snom PA1 Audio Adapter for Phone Systems

The Versitle Hardware Integration Adapter for SIP Phone Systems


This is a great award winning product that allows easy custom hardware integration with your SIP based phone system.

At HELIA we use them for paging system, door phones and broadcasting event audio over the phone system.  They can be used to drive relays and automate processes.  With their strong focus on Snom.io, this device can be a primary IoT interface to initiate both point to point and multicast network traffic as well as webservices.


(TMC’s 2014 Internet Telephony Product of the Year award for its PA1 public address system. – See more at: http://sip-trunking.tmcnet.com/topics/sip-trunking/articles/370213-snom-pa1-wins-internet-telephony-product-the-year.htm#sthash.24UT6sls.dpuf)

the Snom PA one argue adapter is easily installed. Once it's mounted in place, simply attach a network cable that includes the PoE or power over ethernet and the Snom PA one will be powered directly from your ethernet cable.

The IP Reset button can be pressed once the device is powered and the Saddam PA one will read out the IP address over the speaker or line out jack. This makes it easy to navigate and configure the device.  Simple open a web browser on your computer that is on the same network and navigate to the IP address you heard.  

By default the Snom PA1 does not have a username or password assigned to the web interface.  If your device is prompting for a password,  simply hold down the IP/Reset button for 10+ seconds while there is power and the PA1 will factory reset itself and clear the password.



This is what we use for broadcast events over the phone system at public venues.  See: http://www.businessphonescalgary.ca/broadcasting-church-over-your-phone-system/


Find out more about the Snom PA1 at: https://www.buyphonesonline.ca/products/snom-pa1-paging-device